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Open & Honest Mortgage Advice in Lincoln

Business as usual

COVID-19 has had a noticeable effect on the mortgage market thus far, but that won’t stop us from providing the same level of Mortgage Advice in Lincoln our customers know and love. At Lincolnmoneyman, we are still working the same way we were before these hardships.

We still have hardworking Mortgage Advisors working remotely from their homes in order to answer all of your mortgage questions. Our number one aim is to ensure all customers have the option to speak to a Mortgage Advisor in Lincoln if they need to.

Recurring situations

You may be worried you’re unable to meet your monthly mortgage payments or you’ve reached the point where you are looking for a better remortgage deal. We have noticed that these two situations have been mentioned by quite a few customers.

As a Mortgage Broker in Lincoln, we would highly recommend speaking with one of our advisors before you go directly to the bank or lender. We’re able to assess your personal and financial situation, in order to recommend the best route for you to take.

We’ll do our best to help all those who come to us for help with their mortgage during these difficult months. We’re all in this together and look forward to you getting in touch.

Customer service

We’re still working through various different situations every day, keeping our business flowing as usual. We won’t let anything get in the way of us providing expert Mortgage Advice in Lincoln.

Customers have still been leaving excellent reviews over the last few weeks, something we’re incredibly proud of. We take great pride in our work and it warms our hearts to know that as a Mortgage Broker in Lincoln, we’ve done right by our customers.

Here is what a few customers have recently said about our service here at Lincolnmoneyman:

“Absolutely fantastic service from Chris setting up my application, to Kayleigh sorting out the right remortgage for me, nothing was too much trouble. Cannot recommend them enough for sorting this out in a timely manner and during this pandemic. Thank you to each and every one of you.” – Mandy H

“Brilliant service from Jonathan and Megan, very smooth process and they have secured me a great mortgage deal. Will highly recommend Lincolnmoneyman. Thank you.” – Daniel D

Speak to your Local Mortgage Advisor in Lincoln

Remember, we’re still available for you to get in touch from 8am until 10pm, all 7 days of the week. Sincerely from everyone here at Lincolnmoneyman, we hope you’re safe and well. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We won’t let anything get in our way, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s still our aim to help with all your mortgage problems, it wouldn’t be fair to just leave you confused and concerned. We’ll do our best to get you over these hurdles and through the mortgage process with ease.

Mortgage Advisor in Lincoln

Mortgage Advice in Lincoln | Behind the Scenes Celebrations

Celebrating Achievement with Our Mortgage Team

Our Mortgage team pride themselves on providing a 5-Star Customer Service to every customer they speak to, easing them into the process and sticking by them every step of the way. This level of service is often why our customers leave such wonderful reviews and, in many cases, come back to us with more properties and/or their remortgage.

As a reward for such dedication to the company values and our customers, our very generous Directors treated the company to a lovely KFC Friday. Boneless Banquets, Zinger Stacks, Fillet Wraps – Only the best for our fantastic team!

It’s moments like this where you get to reflect upon the service we all provide as a collective, realising just how special things are.

Our Mortgage Advice Team

The Mortgage Advisor Team who between them work 7 days a week from early 8am in the morning until 10pm at night, often sacrificing their breaks in order to ensure customers get a full 5-Star experience.

To the Administrative team who deal with incredibly tough work on a daily basis, checking through details with a fine-toothed comb and ultimately ensuring a submission turns into an offer. Despite their often long days, they are dedicated and positive, working hard for our customer and are an inspiration to us all.

Dedicated to our Customers

Without the efforts of these teams combined, we wouldn’t receive the reviews we do, which in turn would leave us less business! We say this as recent case study research has shown a vast amount of our customers come to us based on what previous reviews have said. We can’t thank our wonderful customers enough for being so kind to us in return! If you would like to see some of our most recent customer reviews, please see our customer reviews page.

Our customers mean the world to us and we are very proud of our ability to help them find their dream homes. If you need some 5-Star Mortgage Advice in Lincoln, get in touch and we’ll see how we can help you too!

Our Mortgage Advice Service in Lincoln

Clear & Simple Mortgage Advice in Lincoln

Our favorite part of our job is seeing overjoyed customers moving into their brand new home. As mortgage advisors in Lincoln, it’s such a great feeling to know we played a part in someone’s dreams being achieved.

We take a lot of pride in being responsive, caring & open and honest for our customers. Reading the lovely genuine reviews from the First Time BuyerHome Mover and Self Employed customers who are over the moon is the sort of thing that makes the job so worth it for our superb mortgage advice team.

We always put customers first! As a friendly and knowledgeable mortgage broker in Lincoln, we’re able to ease your stress through the whole process by recommending the best deal for you. Our team of expert mortgage advisors and amazing back office team will do the bulk of the work on your behalf. We’ll even work around your family or work life too, making it easier for you.

Through our many years of experience, we’ve come to realise that buying a house may not always go the way you’d like them too. However, with our skills, knowledge and pure determination, we’ll overcome any hurdles by your side.

If you’re looking to purchase a new home in the near future and are in need of some quality mortgage advice, look no further. Our genuine customer reviews below are further proof of just how much we love every customer. Should you choose us as your mortgage broker in Lincoln, we’ll ensure you are in safe hands throughout the whole process.

Here’s just a few of what we’ve received this month:

“Very professional and knowledgeable. Was able to sort our new mortgage very quickly and efficiently. Alleviates the hassle and stress of searching for the best mortgage deals. Would recommend this service and we will happily use again in the future. Thank you.

– Jacqueline W

“Wayne and Laura couldn’t have been more helpful in helping find the mortgage that was best for me. The explained everything throughout in plain English leaving me confident that I was making the correct decisions. The service was very efficient – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lincolnmoneyman!”

– Alwyn S

“A brilliantly supportive and professional service. I have already recommended to my friends and family and will always use this broker from now on, rather than going directly to the bank.”

– Jenine B

Our Past & Present Apprentices | National Apprenticeship Week 2020 | #NAW2020

For National Apprenticeship Week 2020 we thought we’d take a moment to reflect upon our young employees who recently completed their apprenticeships, as well as those who are currently working their way through one.

Following the success of earlier apprentices Thomas Bowes (formerly of the Customer Care team, now a Mortgage Advisor in Lincoln) and Laura Aves (a Dedicated Case Handler who assists our Mortgage Advisors in Lincoln), we decided that apprenticeships were the way to go when looking to hire new employees.

It gives us a sense of pride and achievement, allowing young men and women to experience an opportunity in what is likely their first job, allowing them to learn and grow with skills they wouldn’t otherwise learn. We’re helping to build their futures whilst they’re also able to earn a living.

Recently Completed Apprenticeships

Michael | Mortgage Advisor in Lincoln

Former apprentice Michael Sallabank undertook a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with the company. 2 years after his starting date and Michael is very much still a part of the Moneyman team. It’s been 7 months since he completed his apprenticeship and he’s now a fully-fledged digital marketer. As a collective, the Marketing team help create brand awareness, allowing potential home buyers to take their first steps towards Mortgage Advice in Lincoln.

Chloe | Mortgage Advisor in Lincoln

Next we have Chloe Masters, who is celebrating her 1 year work anniversary today. Chloe is one of the youngest members of the Lincolnmoneyman team, now becoming a Dedicated Case Handler. Finishing her apprenticeship this week, Chloe now joins fellow former apprentice Laura in assisting the Mortgage Advisors with their work.

Current Apprenticeships

Lee Digital Marketing Assistant | Lincolnmoneyman
James Digital Marketing Assistant | Lincolnmoneyman

At this current moment in time, the Lincolnmoneyman team have 3 apprentices. Lee (left), Dan (centre) and James (right) all joined the team in late 2019, undertaking a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, the marketing apprentices look to take the mortgage head-on and create even more brand awareness for budding home buyers looking to find expert Mortgage Advice in Lincoln.

We really do appreciate everyone who walks through our doors and we always enjoy watching our apprentices grow over time as both workers and people. We look forward to seeing who joins our team in the future!

Company Recognition: This Months 2019 Champions

We’ve reached that time of the month again, where we reflect on the achievements of our valued employees, showing appreciation for their dedication to the company cause.

Here are our November 2019 Company Champions.

Reviews – Laura Aves

A regular reviews champion and one of our Mortgage Administrators, Laura, always ensures she provides the highest level of customer service she can possibly offer. She achieves this by doing such things as; Keeping them up to date on the phone and sending email updates regularly, making sure her customers have no blind spots in their mortgage process from the first time she speaks to them, right up until completion.

It’s no surprise that once again she’s received such a massive amount of reviews from her very happy customers, and as always we’re very proud of her achievements.

Jason | Mortgage Advisor in Lincoln

3rd Place – Jason Loft

Jason always demonstrates a positive and caring attitude towards his customers, making them feel safe, secure and valued. Our 5-Star Service doesn’t just stop at Mortgages, as we also take great pride in providing our protection service, making sure our customers are fully protected with life cover. Jason regularly goes that extra mile for his customers, ensuring they’re covered just in the unfortunate event something happens.

This caring attitude doesn’t stop with customers though. Jason is an avid fan of our administrative team, doing his best to help wherever and whenever he can. Our teams of advisors and administrators work hand in hand to make sure your mortgage process is carefully tailored and on track. Jason understands the level of teamwork that is needed for the process to run smoothly and effectively, making the administrators’ job a little easier.

Lee Digital Marketing Assistant | Lincolnmoneyman

2nd Place – Lee Underwood

Recent university graduate and new Lincolnmoneyman apprentice Lee is a determined hard worker. Joining the marketing team at the end of September, Lee has been a positive influence on his colleagues, driving up productivity and workplace happiness. A talented graphic designer, Lee works closely with all of our departments, carefully making sure documents are compliant and correct, whilst also aiming to bring out the best social media content in the mortgage industry. Lee is sure to make even bigger waves in his future with the company and his work is appreciated by all his colleagues that he helps along the way.

Tom | Mortgage Advisor in Lincoln

1st Place – Thomas Dent

Always a hard worker, Tom has become a top member of our customer care team. Completely dedicated to his customers, he won’t rest until they’re all well informed, assured and feeling positive about their potential mortgage. A recent example of this was when a customer called us up with a general enquiry, then after the phonecall left us a 5-Star review purely because Tom impressed him. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Tom is also a keen helper of other departments. Working closely with the administrators, advisors and even at times the IT team, Tom is essentially at this point, the “Moneyman Everyman” and we are all very grateful for the effort he puts in on a daily basis.

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