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Company Recognition: This Months 2019 Champions

We’ve reached that time of the month again, where we reflect on the achievements of our valued employees, showing appreciation for their dedication to the company cause.

Here are our November 2019 Company Champions.

Reviews – Laura Aves

A regular reviews champion and one of our Mortgage Administrators, Laura, always ensures she provides the highest level of customer service she can possibly offer. She achieves this by doing such things as; Keeping them up to date on the phone and sending email updates regularly, making sure her customers have no blind spots in their mortgage process from the first time she speaks to them, right up until completion.

It’s no surprise that once again she’s received such a massive amount of reviews from her very happy customers, and as always we’re very proud of her achievements.

Jason | Mortgage Advisor in Lincoln

3rd Place – Jason Loft

Jason always demonstrates a positive and caring attitude towards his customers, making them feel safe, secure and valued. Our 5-Star Service doesn’t just stop at Mortgages, as we also take great pride in providing our protection service, making sure our customers are fully protected with life cover. Jason regularly goes that extra mile for his customers, ensuring they’re covered just in the unfortunate event something happens.

This caring attitude doesn’t stop with customers though. Jason is an avid fan of our administrative team, doing his best to help wherever and whenever he can. Our teams of advisors and administrators work hand in hand to make sure your mortgage process is carefully tailored and on track. Jason understands the level of teamwork that is needed for the process to run smoothly and effectively, making the administrators’ job a little easier.

Lee Digital Marketing Assistant | Lincolnmoneyman

2nd Place – Lee Underwood

Recent university graduate and new Lincolnmoneyman apprentice Lee is a determined hard worker. Joining the marketing team at the end of September, Lee has been a positive influence on his colleagues, driving up productivity and workplace happiness. A talented graphic designer, Lee works closely with all of our departments, carefully making sure documents are compliant and correct, whilst also aiming to bring out the best social media content in the mortgage industry. Lee is sure to make even bigger waves in his future with the company and his work is appreciated by all his colleagues that he helps along the way.

Tom | Mortgage Advisor in Lincoln

1st Place – Thomas Dent

Always a hard worker, Tom has become a top member of our customer care team. Completely dedicated to his customers, he won’t rest until they’re all well informed, assured and feeling positive about their potential mortgage. A recent example of this was when a customer called us up with a general enquiry, then after the phonecall left us a 5-Star review purely because Tom impressed him. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Tom is also a keen helper of other departments. Working closely with the administrators, advisors and even at times the IT team, Tom is essentially at this point, the “Moneyman Everyman” and we are all very grateful for the effort he puts in on a daily basis.

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